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Aeroflex SDX2000 航空电子设备测试仪

aeroflex SDX2000 航空电子设备测试仪
Designed in consultation with the world's leading Mode-S transponder manufacturers, the SDX 2000 is the first new technology, fully programmable RF tester that provides complete test capability for all commercial and military pulsed L-band avionics: ATCRBS and Mode-S Transponder (including datalink), DME, TACAN, and IFF (Identify Friend or Foe). Here are just a few of the user benefits:
  • Maximum test capability in a single tester
  • Increased reliability
  • Reduced calibration time and expense
  • Decreased LRU test times
  • Software easily upgraded in field via floppy disk distribution
The SDX 2000 also has superior technical and operational features:
  • Active matrix color LCD display simplifies data display
  • Graphical user interface via acoustic wave touch sensitive screen
  • Pop-up menus for simplified control
  • Integral solid-state disk drive for storing commonly used test sequences and semi-automated testing
  • DSP (Digital Signal Processing) technology improves reliability and reduces calibration requirements
  • Dual, independent L-Band generators simulate true "signal-in-space" for diversity testing
  • Fully GPIB programmable for ATE applications
Commercial & Military L-Band Avionics Support

ATCRBS & Mode-S Transponders
  • Transmission and reception of Mode-S ELM (extended length messages)
  • Transmission and reception of Comm-C and Comm-D Datalink Messages
  • Two transmit channels for top and bottom antenna diversity testing
  • Ability to simulate any Mode A, C, S, and Intermode Interrogation
  • Ability to measure all key reply parameters: Pulse Timing, Power, Frequency, % Reply, Squitter, etc.
Distance Measuring Equipment
  • Ground Station Simulation
  • Velocity to 10000 knots
  • Distance to 400 nmi
  • Ability to measure all key RF parameters and vary reply pulse parameters
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