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Keithley KUSB-488B 接口适配器

keithley KUSB-488B 接口适配器
Keithley's GPIB interface solutions make it easy to add standard IEEE-488.2 bus control to any PC system. These high speed tools can control as many as 14 GPIB instruments or other devices over a distance of up to 20 meters. They are ideal for use with automated test equipment in laboratory and industrial applications. The Keithley Model KUSB-488B USB-to-GPIB interface turns any computer with a USB port into a fully functional GPIB controller. The KUSB-488B's small form factor makes it perfect for use with laptop computers in portable applications or for other applications in which the computer has no available PCI plug-in board slots. The product is USB 2.0 compliant and has an IEEE data transfer rate upwards of 1.5 MB/s through the USB port. No external power is required. The KUSB-488B has a built-in 2-meter USB cable.

KUSB-488B型 IEEE-488.2 USB-to-GPIB USB接口适配器主要特点及优点

PCI and USB bus versions
IEEE-488.2 compatible for fast data transfer
Windows® XP/2000/Vista drivers included
LabVIEW® and LabWindows/CVI support
Compatible with any standard GPIB instrument
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